Tentamus Group

Quant has been a company of the Tentamus Group GmbH since 2018.

Tentamus has a global network of highly specialised and accred­ited labo­ra­to­ries that are top in their area of exper­tise. The use of the latest scien­tific methods and labo­ra­tory equip­ment serves the goal of ensuring quality and safety for food and medical products.
In addi­tion to its analyt­ical activ­i­ties, Tentamus also stands for a food consul­tancy network that is estab­lished world­wide. Quant plays an impor­tant role in this network.

The coop­er­a­tion in the Tentamus Group makes it possible to exchange know-how glob­ally between experts in the various sectors and at the same time to imple­ment it through local part­ners. Progress, trust and trans­parency are the guiding principles.

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Network Partners

Beyond the Tentamus Group, Quant also has part­ners in various indus­tries. We are proud of our long-term coop­er­a­tions and the close collab­o­ra­tion. With our network part­ners, we bring together the expe­ri­ence and compe­tences for our customers and offer them a versa­tile range of services.

A few of the areas of activity of our partners:

  • Hospital hygiene
  • food law
  • crisis commu­ni­ca­tion
  • analytics
  • comput­erised systems
  • and many more

Our Partner Network: